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Another great year of music has flown by already. This list is not a top ten list but rather a list of albums that we enjoyed and played quite a bit in the shop and stocked on our Staff Picks shelf here in the store. We hope that you seek out some of these tasty new releases and reissues for years of enjoyment!

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List: Ragged Records Favorite Albums Of 2016

2016 has been quite the bummer of a year for all kinds of reasons. We've seen some of the most well respected and talented musicians of our time pass away this cold and dark year BUT we here at Ragged have observed an insurgence of incredible new music. So 2016 hasn't been all that bad, I guess. Anyway here is a list of new releases, soundtracks, compilations and reissues that we have enjoyed, in no particular order, this year. We hope that you enjoy these titles as much as we did and don't forget to check out the Spotify Playlist below.