Check out this interview with keyboard wizard Derek Hilland on the Nothing Shocking Podcast. Derek has played with a lot of classic rock and heavy metal bands over the years including White Snake and Iron Butterfly. Give it a listen below.



Here is a little taste of some records that we are really digging over here at the shop so far this year.  A few reissues including the album Pops De Vanguardia by the Paraguay psych weirdos Jodi and a solo album from Wally Tax who was in the Dutch group garage band The Outsiders. Wally's solo album "Love In" is a great mix of Leonard Cohen and dark hippy folk on bad acid. 

List: Ragged Records Favorite Albums Of 2016

2016 has been quite the bummer of a year for all kinds of reasons. We've seen some of the most well respected and talented musicians of our time pass away this cold and dark year BUT we here at Ragged have observed an insurgence of incredible new music. So 2016 hasn't been all that bad, I guess. Anyway here is a list of new releases, soundtracks, compilations and reissues that we have enjoyed, in no particular order, this year. We hope that you enjoy these titles as much as we did and don't forget to check out the Spotify Playlist below. 


October 17th is Cassette Store Day and we will be getting in a VERY limited supply of some very cool punk, indie and metal titles to celebrate the occasion. If you dig tapes you should pop on in before these are gone, they might not last long. Some of these releases are limited to only 200 copies! Here is a list of the tapes we will be recieving and some words from the Cassette Store Day website below. 

Alex G - Beach Music

Down I, II, II

Free Kitten - Sentimental Education

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - S/T

Strfkr - Reptilians

Motorhead - Bad Magic

Method Man - Meth Lab

Chris Walla - Tape Loops

"Cassette Store Day is back this autumn on October 17th with a day of global celebrations and more international partners than ever before. Founded by UK indie labels Suplex Cassettes, Kissability, and Sexbeat in 2013, last year’s Cassette Store Day saw prolific tape lovers Burger Records at the helm of US releases and events. This year they are joined by Rice is Nice in Australia, Arch Hill in New Zealand, andMansions and Millions in Germany. Co-founder Jen Long of Kissability said, “Cassette tapes aren’t just a format, they’re a culture, and cassette culture is as much about collaboration as doing it yourself. This year we’ve gone even further to try and include as many tape fans around the world. We want as many people as possible to be able to get involved and put out a tape, put on a gig or event, or get hold of that release they really want.” Burger Records add, “The snowball that is Cassette Store Day rolls into 2015 bigger, better and badder than ever before!!! When we’re done spreading the good word of our fave format no one will ever ask “why cassettes?” again!!! BURGER BELIEVE THAT!!!” Applications to be a part of Cassette Store Day will open for events, shops, and labels on July 11th and close on September 1st. It will be free to list your store or event, with a small admin fee of £5 (or relative amount outside the UK) for labels looking to list an official release. This year labels will also be able to sell their releases online on Cassette Store Day instead of having to wait a week after. Jen Long explained, “While we still want as many stores as possible involved, we felt there was too much burden on understaffed shops to order from the release list and smaller labels were being left out. We also felt that fans in more remote areas were excluded from the celebrations if they didn’t have a store in their area. Hopefully this way we can include everyone for the best Cassette Store Day yet.”


This year marked the first Raggedtrotter showcase as a part of River Roots Live and we couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. Amazing performances from Barry Phipps, J.E. Sunde, Lissie, Liza Anne, Tow3ers, Jaaws and locals Mountain Swallower, Erin Moore, Centaur Noir and more. The fine folks at Festival Footprints wrote a great review and provided us the photos below. Photographs by Tim Gillman.  



The fine folks at Daytrotter just unleashed a session from Melbourne's own King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard. Starting up in 2010 the 7 piece band has released a whopping two EP's and six LP's on their own label Flightless. 2014's "I'm In Your Mind Fuzz" stuck out in an over sea of neo psych garage bands. The Wizards are on tour in the U.S. right now in support of their upcoming release "Paper Mache' Dream Ballon" with a release date of November 13th on Heavenly Records. Swing by the shop and pick up a copy of "I'm In Your Mind Fuzz". 


The owner of Ragged Records, Bob Herrington, started a record label  Cartouche Records last year which released a solo album from Daredevil Christopher Wright's J.E. Sunde and a full length from Quad Cities own Bedroom Shrine. The first release of 2015 will be Brooks Strause's new album "The Chymical Wedding Of Brookes Strause" was produced and recorded by Daytrotter engineer Pat Stolley and includes a handful of Quad City and Iowa City musicians.

Free limited edition signed and numbered print of the original illustration by Brooks Strause that was the inspiration for the album cover with paid admission. 

LP is pressed on blue marble vinyl and limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. Vinyl pre-orders also include 14 page lyric chapbook and limited edition signed & numbered print of the original illustration by Brooks Strause that was the inspiration for the cover. Vinyl includes digital download.

Rozz Tox 2108 3rd ave. Rock Island Il.
Doors open at 8:00PM, show at 9:00PM